We Are Masters Of Our Destiny


MASTER by Dr. Ram Sharma
What is,
in the ownership,
of limitless treasures,
when he doesn`t have,
morality, love and compassion,
pity, patience and bravery,
without these things,
he is like a tree,
without roots,
which neither provide,
shade and shelter to birds,
nor fruits to eat,
what`s the use,
of becoming master of these things

We are all Masters of our own destiny. Our intense energy and passions enable us to manifest whatever we want. Material objects are wonderful and humans are supposed to enjoy all the abundance of the Universe. This includes cars, houses, vacations, fun toys and anything their hearts desire. In order to truly enjoy the riches of the Cosmos, one must have inner peace. The only way to achieve inner fulfillment is through our thoughts, words and actions combined.

Our voice box allows us to communicate easily with people. Words of love, compassion, understanding and honesty are a melodious sound to our ears. Words of disdain, contempt, judgment and control actually hurt our entire physiological make up.

Our thoughts are extremely powerful. People with a great self esteem are able to deflect any negative thoughts blasting them from society. However, the majority of our population internalizes these negative vibrations. People with a low self esteem already feel unworthy and the negative thoughts darting at them confirms that self fulfilling prophecy. For instance, a person is promoted in his/her career. People are congratulating the recipient with words of praise. However, their thoughts are quite different. “Why is he/she so lucky?” “Maybe he/she is sleeping with the boss.” “I hope the supervisor notices he/she is really lazy and incapable of performing the assigned duties.”

A person with a high self esteem feels the energy of those thoughts and transmutes that energy to benefit him/herself. That person recognizes the power of his/her own thoughts and knows the power of the collective consciousness. All that person needs is people thinking about him/her whether it is negative or positive because the Universe responds to energy and doesn’t ascertain if the vibrations are good or bad. The intensity of the gossip and judgment allows the person with a good self esteem to soar because his/her thoughts are of success. That is why a political leader that the majority of the population despises, actually gets elected. The intense negativity from the public empowers the unpopular candidate to achieve his/her desires. In this case, it is the leadership of a country, state or municipality.

Now, let’s look at the person who has a low self esteem. The same negative thoughts emanating from the public are directed at this individual who was just promoted and lacks confidence. This time the story line is different. The public’s negative thoughts intermingle with the person’s thoughts of doubt and ineptness. Most likely the individual will be under intense stress and anxiety, making rash decisions and possibly being demoted or fired.

In both scenarios, the group sending out thoughts of judgment, jealousy and condemnation acquire karma. Karma means whatever one does, comes back to them. In other words, these people will be in situations whereby others will judge, criticize or blame them. The cycle continues without people comprehending the ramifications of what has just transpired. This unending chain carries forward to communities, countries and eventually becomes global. As a result, the majority of our world are trapped in a fog of dense energy finding it challenging and frustrating to wipe off the condensation. Every time a patch of light appears, the insurmountable negativity clouds over it once again. People who continuously think and act negatively are unable to awaken to the incredible scenery that is right in front of them.

Positive words, thoughts and actions must be used congruently. When we have truly mastered those three qualities, we become the Masters of our passions and talents. We realize all are equal. We understand that both a sanitation worker and a doctor contribute equally to the benefit of society as long as they perform their jobs with love, respect and acceptance for humanity. When we see homeless people, we want to help them instead of look at them with a grimace of disgust. When our soldiers go off to war, we protest because innocent men, women and children are being mutilated and they are all a part of us. The Universe has no boundaries or divisions between countries. As Masters, we support one another to surpass their highest dreams. As Masters, we realize nothing is beneath us and every being and element is instrumental for the well being of the Universe. As Masters, we care for all of nature including animals, insects, trees, plants, and our healing waters and land. We know these forms are a part of us as well. As Masters, we look at our cars, houses, and other inanimate objects and treat them with the respect they deserve for we are all one.

Without compassion, love, morality, patience and bravery, we are like a suffering tree. We may have burst out of the seed that kept us as prisoners. However, once sprouted, we may have succumbed to the negativity of society and allowed it to destroy our once strong roots. Materialism and greed become paramount and we forget that our soul was totally pure at one time. The birds, animals and children search for the trees of strength that weathers any storm gracefully. With any tree whose roots are rotted, eventually it becomes uprooted and falls down. There is no use in having all the material possessions if you don’t have inner peace, love and happiness.

Decide the type of Master you choose to be. You could be the Master of all your passions and live in happiness, peace and tranquility. Or, you can choose to complain and send daggers of negative energy out to the horizon and be the Master of your possessions. You all have beautiful, amazing souls. Tear down the walls of distrust, anger and discontentment and build a planet of love, compassion, integrity and unity. Together, we can use our passions and talents to create the world we truly want and deserve. We could all be the trees of knowledge and healing that provides a safe home for those who nestle in our branches and comfort for those who lean against our sturdy trunks.


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