Magnificent Beginnings is co-authored by Dr. Ram Sharma and Vanaja Ananda.  We are thrilled to be working together to help bring love, peace and compassion to the world.

Dr. Ram Sharma[B-1974] is an accomplished poet and writer both in English and Hindi in the field of literature. He has added many feathers to his cap.As a student he has been an exceptionally brilliant student from class first to M.Phil. He did his doctorate on ` Post-Modernist Trends in Indian Novels in English: A Study of Anita Desai ,Arun Joshi, Amitav Ghosh and Vikram Seth..He is a renowned poet, critic, reviewer and translator.His poetry is indeed of very high order which is read throughout the world.He has several research papers , articles, poems and reviews published in esteemed journals , magazines and newspapers of India and abroad including Poets International[ Bangalore] , Bizz Buzz[ Mysore], Rock Pebbles[ Orissa],Contemporary Vibes[ Chandigarh]Skylark[ Aligarh]Shine[ Tamilnadu] Poetcrit[ Himachal Pradesh]Indian Book Chronicle [ Jaipur], The Vedic Path[ Haridwar] Metverse Muse[ Vishakhapattnam], Young Poet[ Tamilnadu]Poetry Today[Kolkata] Storm [Kolkata]Samvedna[ Mangalore]Pegasus[Agra] Hyphen[ Shimla]IJPCL[Kerala], Indo-Asian Literature[New Delhi]Replica[Cuttack],Bridge-In-Making[Kolkata]Cyber Literature[Patna] Points ofView[Ghaziabad],Kohinoor[Bihar],Voice of Kolkata[ Kolkata],Re-Markings[Agra] Besides this his works has appeared in such web journals like Muse India,Boloji.com, Literary India, Neo-poet,Academic India, IndianEnglish LiteratureForum, Impressions Online Journal,Creative Saplings .His poems are showing presence in foreign e-journals like Poems-hunter.com,Voices-net.com,Coffe-connection.com,Autumn Leaves,The Houston Literary Review,Asian-American poetry.com, PoetrySketch Book etc.He has to his credit two poetry volumes Muse[2002] and Serene Moments[2008] At present he is working as a senior lecturer in English in J.V.P.G. College, Baraut, Baghpat, U.P., India


E-MAIL-dr.ram_sharma@rediffmail.com, dr.ram_sharma@yahoo.co.in


WEBSITES-  http://www.worldpeaceacademy.blogspot.com



Vanaja Ananda is an author who has integrated her passion for education and healing into an incredible program that allows people to self heal emotional and physical ailments.  Vanaja earned a Master of Science Degree in Neuroscience and Education from the Teachers College at Columbia University.  In addition, she has obtained a Master of Arts Degree in Early Childhood Education Administration from Kean University.  Vanaja is a Neurofeedback specialist, Wellness Kinesiology expert, Reiki Master, and Siddha Kayakalpa Therapist.  Kayakalpa refers to achieving a disease-free body.  Vanaja is knowledgable in many techniques for building neuronal pathways and releasing blockages in organs caused from limiting beliefs buried in the subconscious.  Her website explains many of the methods Vanaja uses to help people obtain optimal health.  Also, Vanaja has been interviewed on many radio shows.  The links are below…

Email:  pew2104@gmail.com


You Tube Videos

Go Beyond Your Limiting Beliefs And Heal

Vanaja is interviewed on the Radio July 26, 2013 – Health and Healing 

Radio Interview June 14, 2015 – Healing 4 Peace

Radio interview August 19, 2015 – A Smiling World

Radio Interview and Meditation Done Aloud September 16, 2015 – Envision This

Radio Show and Brainstorming Dreams Are Reality – October 17, 2015

Facebook Sites – Please note the 1st two self healing events were locked by Facebook.  Go to the 3rd one for the current event.

Self Heal Emotional and Physical Ailments and Recognize Your True Potential 1

Self Heal Emotional & Physical Ailments and Recognize Your True Potential 2

Self Heal Emotional and Physical Ailments and Recognize Your True Potential 3 and Free Self Healing Video

Free Self Healing and Love Meditation and Free Self Healing Video

Welcome to the Age of Aquarius – The document to share is on this site

Dreams Are Reality – Look at posts in 2012

Dreams Are Reality Book

Educational Healing

Sign the petition on Change.org – Lightworkers Join Together As One To Bring Our Planet Back To Its Utopian Beginnings

Find out what is about to happen on our planet! It’s a celebration! – Educational Healing WordPress Site

The 11 Commandments for the Golden Age – Magnificent Beginnings Site

Love Chain Family Event

Share The Document – Kerian from Nigeria

Share The Document – Uganda Orphans “Help God’s Children Ministries”

Share The Document – Lee from United Kingdom

Share The Document – Sarvodayan and Friends from Erode, India

Vanaja Ananda Public Figure – Inspirational Quotes

ABCPEACE – The New Age Curriculum for Homeschoolers

Author of Dreams Are Reality Available on Amazon and Barnes and Noble

Read what Dreams Are Reality is about – Click on links to Amazon & Barnes and Noble

Available on Amazon

Available on Barnes and Noble

Ask for a FREE ebook.  Send your request to Vanaja Ananda’s email address.

Vanaja is a Contributing Author on Prominent Offers

Hair Transformation – A Mind and Spirit Perspective

Alzheimer Disease – A Look Beyond the Disability

Acid Reflux – Metaphysical Healing

Defeat Diabetes – Body Intelligence

Heart – Brain of the Body

Loving Relationships Start With You

The Brilliance Behind Children Labeled ADHD

Lust or Divine Love

Cold Sores Beyond Psychological Ramifications

Our Cells Are Brilliant – Heal Yourself, Heal Mother Earth

Karma Is Not Destiny

Face Your Biggest Fears


Individualism and NonConformity

Pharmaceutical Dangers


Child Pornography & Human Trafficking



PEACE – Prosperity, Equality, Acceptance, Compassion, Education

Ethics in the Corporate World

Power of Expression

Your Intuition Is Your Guide

Faith Will Bring You To The Land Of Happiness

Humility Means We Are All Equal


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  1. Thank you so much Harriet! We are thrilled to have you as a friend and soul sister. Thank you so much for spreading the word! Love and blessings to you!

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