We Are Masters Of Our Destiny


MASTER by Dr. Ram Sharma
What is,
in the ownership,
of limitless treasures,
when he doesn`t have,
morality, love and compassion,
pity, patience and bravery,
without these things,
he is like a tree,
without roots,
which neither provide,
shade and shelter to birds,
nor fruits to eat,
what`s the use,
of becoming master of these things

We are all Masters of our own destiny. Our intense energy and passions enable us to manifest whatever we want. Material objects are wonderful and humans are supposed to enjoy all the abundance of the Universe. This includes cars, houses, vacations, fun toys and anything their hearts desire. In order to truly enjoy the riches of the Cosmos, one must have inner peace. The only way to achieve inner fulfillment is through our thoughts, words and actions combined.

Our voice box allows us to communicate easily with people. Words of love, compassion, understanding and honesty are a melodious sound to our ears. Words of disdain, contempt, judgment and control actually hurt our entire physiological make up.

Our thoughts are extremely powerful. People with a great self esteem are able to deflect any negative thoughts blasting them from society. However, the majority of our population internalizes these negative vibrations. People with a low self esteem already feel unworthy and the negative thoughts darting at them confirms that self fulfilling prophecy. For instance, a person is promoted in his/her career. People are congratulating the recipient with words of praise. However, their thoughts are quite different. “Why is he/she so lucky?” “Maybe he/she is sleeping with the boss.” “I hope the supervisor notices he/she is really lazy and incapable of performing the assigned duties.”

A person with a high self esteem feels the energy of those thoughts and transmutes that energy to benefit him/herself. That person recognizes the power of his/her own thoughts and knows the power of the collective consciousness. All that person needs is people thinking about him/her whether it is negative or positive because the Universe responds to energy and doesn’t ascertain if the vibrations are good or bad. The intensity of the gossip and judgment allows the person with a good self esteem to soar because his/her thoughts are of success. That is why a political leader that the majority of the population despises, actually gets elected. The intense negativity from the public empowers the unpopular candidate to achieve his/her desires. In this case, it is the leadership of a country, state or municipality.

Now, let’s look at the person who has a low self esteem. The same negative thoughts emanating from the public are directed at this individual who was just promoted and lacks confidence. This time the story line is different. The public’s negative thoughts intermingle with the person’s thoughts of doubt and ineptness. Most likely the individual will be under intense stress and anxiety, making rash decisions and possibly being demoted or fired.

In both scenarios, the group sending out thoughts of judgment, jealousy and condemnation acquire karma. Karma means whatever one does, comes back to them. In other words, these people will be in situations whereby others will judge, criticize or blame them. The cycle continues without people comprehending the ramifications of what has just transpired. This unending chain carries forward to communities, countries and eventually becomes global. As a result, the majority of our world are trapped in a fog of dense energy finding it challenging and frustrating to wipe off the condensation. Every time a patch of light appears, the insurmountable negativity clouds over it once again. People who continuously think and act negatively are unable to awaken to the incredible scenery that is right in front of them.

Positive words, thoughts and actions must be used congruently. When we have truly mastered those three qualities, we become the Masters of our passions and talents. We realize all are equal. We understand that both a sanitation worker and a doctor contribute equally to the benefit of society as long as they perform their jobs with love, respect and acceptance for humanity. When we see homeless people, we want to help them instead of look at them with a grimace of disgust. When our soldiers go off to war, we protest because innocent men, women and children are being mutilated and they are all a part of us. The Universe has no boundaries or divisions between countries. As Masters, we support one another to surpass their highest dreams. As Masters, we realize nothing is beneath us and every being and element is instrumental for the well being of the Universe. As Masters, we care for all of nature including animals, insects, trees, plants, and our healing waters and land. We know these forms are a part of us as well. As Masters, we look at our cars, houses, and other inanimate objects and treat them with the respect they deserve for we are all one.

Without compassion, love, morality, patience and bravery, we are like a suffering tree. We may have burst out of the seed that kept us as prisoners. However, once sprouted, we may have succumbed to the negativity of society and allowed it to destroy our once strong roots. Materialism and greed become paramount and we forget that our soul was totally pure at one time. The birds, animals and children search for the trees of strength that weathers any storm gracefully. With any tree whose roots are rotted, eventually it becomes uprooted and falls down. There is no use in having all the material possessions if you don’t have inner peace, love and happiness.

Decide the type of Master you choose to be. You could be the Master of all your passions and live in happiness, peace and tranquility. Or, you can choose to complain and send daggers of negative energy out to the horizon and be the Master of your possessions. You all have beautiful, amazing souls. Tear down the walls of distrust, anger and discontentment and build a planet of love, compassion, integrity and unity. Together, we can use our passions and talents to create the world we truly want and deserve. We could all be the trees of knowledge and healing that provides a safe home for those who nestle in our branches and comfort for those who lean against our sturdy trunks.


Meet Your Twin Flame


LONELY WAY by Dr. Ram Sharma
We get only the footsteps only for few years
we walk together for few steps and yearns
we fall , break and say
for your own loneliness walk alone and sway
the way is lonely and straight
here none is to walk with us , we only thought
how straight and clear the way is
there is no eye to see , no lap to rest
we have to walk , walk and walk to appear in the test
footprints of few footsteps
somewhere we get but there is no one —-no one

We are never alone and yet we are lonely.  We are always searching for something that seems just beyond our reach.  What could it possibly be?  We are looking externally for someone or something to make us happy.  Is it a lifelong partner?  Is it children?  Is it a big house?  Is it a great career?  Is it a new car?  Even when we obtain all those wishes, are we truly happy?

I will speak from my own experience and tell you after reaching my so called goals, I was still seeking more.  What is more?  I realized all I truly wanted was to be happy and the outside world would never be able to quench my thirst or my veracious appetite for happiness.  Material objects become antiquated and we want the latest model.  Most people put conditions on their love for one another.  For instance, “if you do this for me, I will love you so much” or “If you act a certain way, then I’ll love you.”  Love becomes a word of mistrust, anger, fear, resentment and disappointment.  How is it possible for people to be happy if they depend on society to approve or disapprove of their actions and behaviors?  It is impossible!  For that reason, we must seek happiness internally.

When a person achieves a heart of pure love, compassion and forgiveness for themselves, he/she is in a state of bliss.  Those thoughts of happiness, love, peace, and compassion travel to the Universe and the cosmos reciprocates by bestowing miracles and blessings upon the individual.

Is it sometimes lonely and scary to go within?  The answer is yes because you are witnessing a part of yourself that you didn’t know existed.  You are meeting your true twin flame, the other half of you!  In other words, you are meeting the higher dimensional form of yourself.  This is the energy that operates at a higher vibration and can only surface when there is love, peace and compassion.

In our human vessel, we all have both female and male energy.  If you are a female, you have 51% female energy and 49% male energy and vice versa if your physical body is male.  The 49% is pure divine consciousness.  Usually, the 51% has layers of conditioning full of fear, worry, jealousy, discontentment, greed and more lower vibrational energy.  When we are able to transform the negative thinking patterns into thoughts of love, compassion and forgiveness, then we join with our 49% divine self and become one with the Universe.

We are always searching externally for our twin flame because we crave unconditional love.    As I  mentioned, our twin flame is always with us.  We simply haven’t been cognizant of that fact.  When you  love yourself unconditionally and forgive yourself completely, you are whole.  You are able to handle any circumstance placed before you with clarity and purity.  At that juncture, you will see the divine in everybody and everything.  You will understand that the mate you have chosen as your lifelong partner is also you and the divine, but another form.  The only difference is the vibrational frequency.  The faster you reprogram your negative mental patterns, the quicker you will ascend to a higher vibration.  You will then be able to help your family, friends and soul brothers and sisters achieve ascension too.

Jesus, Buddha, Alla, Shiva, Archangels and anybody else you consider God are different forms of the same exact energy.  However, they are at an extremely high vibrational level.  Everybody on this planet or in the cosmos has the same energy.  As we learn to love and forgive ourselves, we will feel great joy and comprehend this truth.  In order to reach this state,  we must ask the divine to help us by transmuting any toxins in our body into magnificent cells of purity.  Once this occurs, our vibrational level will rise.  Since humans have free will, the divine is waiting for you “to ask” for assistance.  It is even possible to achieve the highest vibrational level as our Ascended Masters have accomplished.  Along with love and forgiveness, intense gratitude is required for this monumental change.

Even though most people aren’t aware, each of us are these higher beings in a multi-dimensional form.  So, we have the energy of Jesus, Buddha, Shiva, Allah, Elohim, Archangels, Angels, Fairies and other Galactic brothers and sisters inside of us every moment of every day.  All religions and cultures are mixed together inside of every one of us.  If we are externally fighting with others, we are actually battling with ourselves.

The time has come where we must look at each other and see beyond the initial appearance.  Notice the light that shines within all and acknowledge that person is a part of you.  We have all made mistakes in this lifetime and thousands of other lifetimes.  In some lives we were the victims and in others the abuser.  Mistakes are learning opportunities to bring one to a higher state of consciousness.

We must take responsibility for everything that occurred or continues to occur in our lives.  Responsibility means awareness.  It does not mean blame, guilt or shame.   When I took responsibility for every situation in my life, my entire being was transformed.  Prior to that, I conveniently blamed everybody for the injustices placed upon me.  In reality, my subconscious was creating situations in my life to assist me in awakening.

We are never alone.  Friends and family may get angry at us and we feel isolated in a world that doesn’t understand about love, peace, compassion, unity and harmony.  We arrived on earth from the heavens above and know the true meaning of heaven.  When we feel lonely, we are waking up to the wonders of the Universe and meeting the true soul from the heavenly realms – ourselves!


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Follow Your Imagination

Where has gone that world
of my imagination?
Where has gone the compassion
which was among mankind?
Where has gone that society
which had love and love only
in place of hatred, jealousy and malice?
Where has gone that people
who dedicated themselves to the society?
Will this world of my imagination
return again
when the people
will recognize their humanity?

In our youth and innocence, we all had amazing dreams. Many of us wanted to be a superhero and save the world. Others wanted to be a lawyer, judge, policeman, janitor, teacher, doctor, engineer, electrician, plumber, mommy, daddy, writer, artist, musician and I could go on and on. In our childhood, we had visions of flying, walking through walls, teleporting from one place to another within minutes, rescuing people and animals, talking to trees, playing with imaginary friends, sitting on a cloud, riding on a unicorn and so much more.

We arrived on this planet as beautiful souls ready to live in bliss, peace and tranquility. We were ready to explore the world and go on many adventures. We were free. Then, society came in and crushed our dreams. Children were taught they must color within the lines. They were taught the sky must be blue and the grass must be green. If a child colored a cloud purple there must be something developmentally wrong with the child. Boys were taught they must play with cars, trucks and airplanes. Girls were taught to play with dolls, kitchens and houses. Role playing was encouraged at a young age, however if a boy wanted to dress as a princess, people would be horrified. Creativity was frowned upon. Rote memory skills were brainwashed into our heads.

People felt their passions and talents were insignificant. They were told their affinities were not healthy. They were told their desires could possibly be considered hobbies, but most people would never be able to pursue their dreams in the “real world.” Society dictated what was acceptable and humanity had to conform to societal demands or be ridiculed, criticized and condemned in the eyes of the public. As a result, people performed jobs strictly for the money and not for joy. Many people became angry, resentful, depressed, and anxious because life was predictable and boring. The thoughts that originally filled people’s imagination as a child were so deeply buried.  In fact, most of mankind forgot what their dreams were or that this zest for life existed at one time. Visions of excitement, adventure, spontaneity, freedom, love, and power became the illusion. Hatred, jealousy, greed, and malice took control.

When a person is negative with thoughts of fear, worry, jealousy, hostility and other limiting beliefs, the cells in his/her body become disease-ridden.  When a group of people judge, gossip or criticize a person with a low self esteem, the person may become a drug addict, alcoholic, acquire eating disorders or join a gang.  If the gossip and bullying continues, the suffering person may commit suicide.  When mass amounts of people continuously live in fear, anger, worry and discontentment, the negativity literally feeds the corrupt so they are able  to perform heinous crimes against humanity.

Negativity gives the corrupt the power to keep people impoverished in slavery, working at jobs they abhor so they are able to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.  Negativity gives the corrupt the power to control the media and continuously show the evils of society – murder, rape and war.  Negativity gives the corrupt the ability to work in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industries to destroy the brain cells along with trillions of other cells in our anatomy and physiology.  Negativity gives the corrupt the power to use pesticides and GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) on our plants and trees, depleting nutrients and oxygen while allowing toxins to enter our body.  Negativity gives the corrupt the power to commit acts of genocide and human trafficking.  Humans and the entire animal kingdom are affected by the negativity of millions of people on our planet.  Nature is disturbed due to pollution, radioactive chemicals, chem trails and the low vibrations currently existing on this planet.

If the negative thoughts of society could destroy the world, imagine what the positive, loving thoughts of the collective consciousness will create on Gaia, our earth.  Imagine if the corrupt were placed inside a blue box of containment and were isolated from society until they were rehabilitated with hearts of love, peace and compassion.  Imagine money falling from the sky and people putting their hand out to take only the money they presently need knowing the Universe always supplies.  Imagine healthy food for every man, woman, boy and girl on this planet.  Imagine a roof over everybody’s head and the end of people being homeless.  Imagine free health care with healing remedies for every disease.  Imagine if everyone lived together on a planet of love, peace, compassion, unity and harmony.  Imagine a world where everyone supports each other because we are all one.  Imagine your biggest dream materializing right in front of your eyes.  Imagine schools designed to teach anything we want to learn about including flying, teleporting and any subject we desire.  Imagine if the angels and fairies of our childhood truly existed and they are here to grant us our wishes.  Imagine trees and animals speaking to you in the universal language of love.  Imagine being friends with our galactic star brothers and sisters who love us unconditionally and forgive us completely.  Imagine heaven on earth.  What does that look like to you?

There was a clinical study performed with Macaque monkeys.  The scientists ascertained there was a new neuron and they named it mirror neurons.  The research revealed the monkey who was watching another monkey perform an action produced identical neural firing.  Visualization enables the brain to perceive the activity as reality even though muscles and ligaments were stationary.   Many athletes practiced the mirror neuron theory and successfully won their competitions.  All they did was constantly envision the event in their mind until the brain interpreted it as an accomplished feat.

Every human has this ability.  Start visualizing the world and life you truly want.  Transform all negative thoughts into positive.  Curtail gossiping, judging, criticizing and blaming.  See the divine soul in every being you encounter.  The Preamble to the Constitution of America begins “We The People.”  “We Are The People” for our entire planet, not just the USA, and it is up to us to use our imaginations and then create our New World.


Release Anger and Heal Your Liver


ANGER by Dr. Ram Sharma
is like,
having a burning coal,
in his hands,
and burning himself,
it is a volcano,
destroys all the limbs,
it is an earthquake,
that shakes itself,
it is a bomb-blast,
that blasts its own body,
it is a bullet that kills himself,
drive away anger

It is the old adage “what goes around comes around.”  When we are angry, it literally creates disease in our body.  Most thoughts or limiting beliefs are associated with an organ.  Anger is affiliated with the liver.  The liver is an important organ in the body that filters out toxins from the blood.  When the body is in a state of peace and relaxation, the liver works at optimum levels.  However, when anger enters the picture, this emotion causes blockages in the liver and a build-up of bile so the liver is unable to perform its function.  Bile is ordinarily secreted from the liver and helps with digestion.  If there is excess bile built up in the liver, it is unable to secrete to other organs in the body such as the kidneys and intestines.  As a result, the toxins are not able to be removed and additional toxins in the blood are formed creating blockages and disease.  Some known diseases caused by a damaged liver are liver cancer, Hepatitis and cirrhosis.  Symptoms initially include nausea, stomach cramps, and fatigue.

So how does anger create these toxins in the body?  Yelling, criticizing, blaming, abusing, and fighting are  ways many people deal with anger.  It is a primitive way of reacting to a situation from our lower brain stem, called the reptilian brain.  All mammals have this instinct and it is often referred to as “fight or flight.”  When an animal is eating his prey and another animal wants to eat the same prey, they immediately fight or run away from the situation.  A person who is angry is constantly in a state of “fight or flight.”  He/she is always on guard and ready to attack the moment a trigger goes off.  Sometimes, the person is unaware of what happened.  He/she reacts according to his/her subconscious demands.

Often, people feel ashamed after an angry and hostile outburst and search for comfort to ease their pain.  Drugs, alcohol, eating, smoking and other addictive behaviors supply temporary assistance for their suffering.  All the obsessions mentioned, if taken in excess, create liver malfunctioning and then causes dysfunction in other organs.  Anger repressed is just as lethal.  According to the Biokinesiology Center in Oregon, the belief “I am not being able to express myself” is associated with cancer and “I must please others” is linked to obesity.

Heal the cells in your liver.  It is essential for everyone to love themselves unconditionally and forgive themselves completely and it is a great idea to say this over and over internally.  Use beautiful words of love, compassion, integrity and peace.  Think before you react.  If you are in a conflict with someone, temporarily leave the room until you are able to communicate in a mature, loving fashion.  If you are unable to immediately leave the room, send out thoughts of love to the other person.  Visualize yourself as the other person and understand his/her point of view.  Even if you feel you are correct, yelling and screaming to get your point across, makes you the loser.  When you are calm, you are able to make decisions with clarity and purity of heart.

We are now in the New Age and are able to transmute anger and other limiting beliefs into love, peace, compassion, unity and harmony.  Ask the divine to help you release any beliefs that are destroying the cells in your body and ask them to join you in creating wonderful pure cells of light.