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Heaven On Earth


You Are Everywhere by Dr. Ram Sharma

You twinkle in my memory like stars

You fall from my eyes in the shape of drops

You come to me as unforgotten dream

You are string of invisible relationship

You have your presence on my life’s board

You are source of happiness and sadness

You are not here and there

You are everywhere

There is one Creator in this world and it has no form.  The Creator is pure existential energy that has no boundaries.  We have given the Creator names such as God, Shiva, and Allah to name a few.  Every religion has a name for the Creator.  Humanity likes identities.  No matter what you call the Creator, it is still the pure existential energy that creates, sustains and rejuvenates every atom in the Universe.

It is challenging for mankind to see the Creator as energy.  Existential Energy is brilliant – way beyond any human intelligence on this planet.  It is made of female and male energy so when one refers to it as he, that label is erroneous.  The first human Universal energy created was Adam.  Adam was composed of both female and male energy like all of existence.  Adam was happy within himself and all of existence.  However, one day the Creator instructed Adam to use his rib to create another human called Eve.  That is how the Creator in human male and female forms developed.  When Eve was tempted by the snake and ate the forbidden apple, the Creator felt humans needed to learn lessons and gave them free will to do what they pleased.  Adam was so distraught about disobeying the Creator, he prayed for forgiveness and of course, it was granted.  The Creator sent Archangel Raziel down to Adam.  Archangel Raziel gave Adam “The Sefer Raziel Hamalach,” the book containing the Secrets of the Universe.  And so life began on planet Earth.

Humans learned lessons about fear, greed, war and so many other painful tutelages for millenniums.  However, there was a time when Earth was like Heaven.  It was during the times of Atlantis approximately 200,000 years ago.  During this time, communities worked together cohesively sharing ideas, foods and talents.  Each person supported and helped each other.  There was true abundance in every form – prosperity, health, relationships.   Everyone lived in bliss and each day was an adventure full of surprises.  Humans had the ability to manifest anything they wanted so there was no need for competition and “survival of the fittest.”  One day, control and greed took over and the souls who were tricked were not able to forgive themselves.  They saw Atlantis fall from grace as every being was destroyed.

Prior to its destruction, a group of Atlanteans knew the demise of Atlantis was soon to occur so they needed to relocate precious crystals to prevent them from being destroyed or used for negative purposes.  The Galactics, mainly the Sirian-Pleidian Alliance helped the Atlantean loyalists with this secret mission.  The group of loyalists were called the Agarthans.  The 9 crystals the Agarthans saved underneath our planet have been activated every year.  For instance, one crystal was activated on 11/11/11 and another on 12/12/12.  These crystals allowed us to reach higher dimensional frequencies.  These crystals brought balance as well as beautiful, calming energy to our planet.

On December 21, 2012, a surge of love energy was infused onto planet earth.  This could only have happened through prayers and meditations of a multitude of  groups around the world pleading for a magnanimous change.  Even prior to 2012, our DNA was gradually changing from carbon based to crystalline based due to humanities prayers.

The year 2013 was a time of assimilation of these intense energies.  It gave us the opportunity to release emotional disturbances and negative mental patterns embedded in our subconscious.  The year 2014 is the time to recognize the powers within and manifest whatever we want.

About 70% of our population were Atlanteans using our powers to live in peace, harmony and bliss.  We were devastated by the destruction of Atlantis and those memories are stored in our subconscious.  We blame ourselves for the tragedy that occurred at Atlantis.  Whether we were the deceived or the deceiver, we have not been able to forgive ourselves for this traumatic event.  The great news is the Creator and all the divine loves each and every one of us unconditionally and forgives us completely.  Now we must offer that love and forgiveness to ourselves.

The Creator in human form is every one of us.  In the heavens we have a pure soul filled with love, peace and compassion, but when we are born, we forget about our purity.  We have karmas embedded in our subconscious, our Book of Life, from every lifetime on earth.  For many, Atlantis is deeply engraved in our memory banks.

There are also Avatars who come down to this planet.  They are also the Creator in human form.  However, in their past life they became enlightened meaning they reached a state way beyond our human 3rd dimension.  These Avatars have reached the level of total purity.  They have no anger, worry or fears.  They go with the flow of existence and live in total bliss.  These beings could be crucified, imprisoned or abused and still retain their smiles and happiness.  They choose to take a human form to help humanity.  While humans must continue to take a human form from life to life until they achieve pure consciousness, Avatars take a human form due to the purity of their heart.  Jesus, Muhammad, Murga, Buddha and St. Germaine are all considered Avatars.  They are an incarnation of the Creator at the highest level.

We are all the sons and daughters of the Creator.  That energy is the Universe and we all contain a part of that energy.  In our physical 5 foot or 6 foot frame is existential energy.  We are all one!

We mentioned earlier, 2014 is the year to manifest anything we desire.  It is also the year to transform our planet into a world similar to Atlantis.  Mankind needs help.  Even though there are Avatars and Saints currently on our planet, humanity requires aid from the entire Universe.  There are Galactic brothers and sisters readily available to come to our assistance.

Since existential energy is pure divine intelligence, it can be transformed into any form at all – humans, trees, animals, sea creatures, mountains, stars, clouds, tables and so on.  Our Galactic brothers and sisters are another form of us.  Some familiar names are Arcturians, Pleidians, Sirians, Agarthans, Hathors and many more.  Some of these Sentient beings prefer human bodies, some like animal vessels, some enjoy half animal and half human forms, some like ten arms and it goes on and on.  It really doesn’t matter what form they take because their souls have pure love, peace, compassion, unity and harmony for the entire Universe.  Ganesha, a favorite divine being of many people of all religions, has an elephant head and a human body.  Ganesha removes obstacles, is fun and loves sweets!  All the divine Sentient beings are fun, playful and full of love.  The soul is the Creator energy and our bodies allow us to enjoy the wonders of the world in a physical form.

Here comes the most exciting part that was supposed to be a surprise to all of humanity.  All lightworkers are anxiously awaiting the arrival of our Galactic brothers and sisters.  Our Galactic family will be coming to planet Earth in forms we love.  Those forms are our deceased relatives, beloved pets and other forms you truly wish them to be.  They will only come when they are invited and feel welcome.  Humanity has free will and the Creator will never take that free will away, so we must ask them to join us with our mission.

There is a way for people around the globe to join together as one to bring our planet back to its Utopian beginnings.  The information exists on another website.  Initially, you may feel this assignment is benefitting one person.  In reality, this task is helping all of humanity and the entire Universe.  It will demonstrate the power of the collective consciousness to perform a miracle.

Moses had explicit instructions from the Creator to save his people, not just himself.  If Moses went alone to the Red Sea, do you think it would part?  The Red Sea parted because the collective consciousness trusted Moses and listened to his words.  There were no chosen people.  That particular group was identified as the Israelites.  However, the Creator was helping the souls who prayed to be released from slavery and genocide.  Thoughts are extremely powerful.  What goes out comes back.  The Israelites were praying for salvation and the Egyptians were passionate about killing.  The Universe doesn’t determine good or bad.  The Existential Energy gave the two groups their intense wishes.  That is why the Jews were saved and the Egyptians were destroyed.

Please listen to this radio interview from July 2013.  It is one hour.  You will hear the joy and laughter in the voice and feel the truth and integrity within the words.  After listening, please go to http://educationalhealing.wordpress.com to see how we could have Heaven On Earth right now!

Radio Interview


Follow Your Imagination

Where has gone that world
of my imagination?
Where has gone the compassion
which was among mankind?
Where has gone that society
which had love and love only
in place of hatred, jealousy and malice?
Where has gone that people
who dedicated themselves to the society?
Will this world of my imagination
return again
when the people
will recognize their humanity?

In our youth and innocence, we all had amazing dreams. Many of us wanted to be a superhero and save the world. Others wanted to be a lawyer, judge, policeman, janitor, teacher, doctor, engineer, electrician, plumber, mommy, daddy, writer, artist, musician and I could go on and on. In our childhood, we had visions of flying, walking through walls, teleporting from one place to another within minutes, rescuing people and animals, talking to trees, playing with imaginary friends, sitting on a cloud, riding on a unicorn and so much more.

We arrived on this planet as beautiful souls ready to live in bliss, peace and tranquility. We were ready to explore the world and go on many adventures. We were free. Then, society came in and crushed our dreams. Children were taught they must color within the lines. They were taught the sky must be blue and the grass must be green. If a child colored a cloud purple there must be something developmentally wrong with the child. Boys were taught they must play with cars, trucks and airplanes. Girls were taught to play with dolls, kitchens and houses. Role playing was encouraged at a young age, however if a boy wanted to dress as a princess, people would be horrified. Creativity was frowned upon. Rote memory skills were brainwashed into our heads.

People felt their passions and talents were insignificant. They were told their affinities were not healthy. They were told their desires could possibly be considered hobbies, but most people would never be able to pursue their dreams in the “real world.” Society dictated what was acceptable and humanity had to conform to societal demands or be ridiculed, criticized and condemned in the eyes of the public. As a result, people performed jobs strictly for the money and not for joy. Many people became angry, resentful, depressed, and anxious because life was predictable and boring. The thoughts that originally filled people’s imagination as a child were so deeply buried.  In fact, most of mankind forgot what their dreams were or that this zest for life existed at one time. Visions of excitement, adventure, spontaneity, freedom, love, and power became the illusion. Hatred, jealousy, greed, and malice took control.

When a person is negative with thoughts of fear, worry, jealousy, hostility and other limiting beliefs, the cells in his/her body become disease-ridden.  When a group of people judge, gossip or criticize a person with a low self esteem, the person may become a drug addict, alcoholic, acquire eating disorders or join a gang.  If the gossip and bullying continues, the suffering person may commit suicide.  When mass amounts of people continuously live in fear, anger, worry and discontentment, the negativity literally feeds the corrupt so they are able  to perform heinous crimes against humanity.

Negativity gives the corrupt the power to keep people impoverished in slavery, working at jobs they abhor so they are able to keep a roof over their heads and food on the table.  Negativity gives the corrupt the power to control the media and continuously show the evils of society – murder, rape and war.  Negativity gives the corrupt the ability to work in collaboration with the pharmaceutical industries to destroy the brain cells along with trillions of other cells in our anatomy and physiology.  Negativity gives the corrupt the power to use pesticides and GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisms) on our plants and trees, depleting nutrients and oxygen while allowing toxins to enter our body.  Negativity gives the corrupt the power to commit acts of genocide and human trafficking.  Humans and the entire animal kingdom are affected by the negativity of millions of people on our planet.  Nature is disturbed due to pollution, radioactive chemicals, chem trails and the low vibrations currently existing on this planet.

If the negative thoughts of society could destroy the world, imagine what the positive, loving thoughts of the collective consciousness will create on Gaia, our earth.  Imagine if the corrupt were placed inside a blue box of containment and were isolated from society until they were rehabilitated with hearts of love, peace and compassion.  Imagine money falling from the sky and people putting their hand out to take only the money they presently need knowing the Universe always supplies.  Imagine healthy food for every man, woman, boy and girl on this planet.  Imagine a roof over everybody’s head and the end of people being homeless.  Imagine free health care with healing remedies for every disease.  Imagine if everyone lived together on a planet of love, peace, compassion, unity and harmony.  Imagine a world where everyone supports each other because we are all one.  Imagine your biggest dream materializing right in front of your eyes.  Imagine schools designed to teach anything we want to learn about including flying, teleporting and any subject we desire.  Imagine if the angels and fairies of our childhood truly existed and they are here to grant us our wishes.  Imagine trees and animals speaking to you in the universal language of love.  Imagine being friends with our galactic star brothers and sisters who love us unconditionally and forgive us completely.  Imagine heaven on earth.  What does that look like to you?

There was a clinical study performed with Macaque monkeys.  The scientists ascertained there was a new neuron and they named it mirror neurons.  The research revealed the monkey who was watching another monkey perform an action produced identical neural firing.  Visualization enables the brain to perceive the activity as reality even though muscles and ligaments were stationary.   Many athletes practiced the mirror neuron theory and successfully won their competitions.  All they did was constantly envision the event in their mind until the brain interpreted it as an accomplished feat.

Every human has this ability.  Start visualizing the world and life you truly want.  Transform all negative thoughts into positive.  Curtail gossiping, judging, criticizing and blaming.  See the divine soul in every being you encounter.  The Preamble to the Constitution of America begins “We The People.”  “We Are The People” for our entire planet, not just the USA, and it is up to us to use our imaginations and then create our New World.